Full service solar panel installation!

We offer efficient solar energy solutions, starting with small solar panel systems for summer homes and ending with modern solar panel parks for businesses. We have built a team of experienced engineers to provide full service.

610 MWh

610 MWh

Produced electricity using our installed solar panels



Number of trees saved thanks to electricity generated by our customers

608 T

608 T

The reduced amount of CO2 emissions in the planet's atmosphere - tons

Why choose us?

We are not just solar panel installers - we are your green energy companions. We are proud to have a team that has been active in the energy field for more than 30 years. Our goal is to provide our customers with full-fledged support and advice, working together to ensure not only efficient energy production, but also help reduce costs.

Microinverters - A step ahead for a green future!

One of the main advantages of microinverters is their ability to optimize the performance of a solar panel system. This technology ensures that even a small shadow on one of the panels will not affect the performance of the entire system, providing our customers with maximum efficiency even in difficult conditions. Apply for a free consultation and see for yourself the advantages of microinverters!

Characteristics of microinverters:

Safety: in DC circuits, the voltage does not exceed 50V

Economically: the cost is comparable to installing a single string inverter.

Efficiency: in difficult conditions or in the case of shading, the other panels will not reduce the efficiency.

Simplicity: there is no need to install power optimizers, simplifying the system structure.

Our realized projects:

We have built two type A solar power plants - in Riga (60.72kWp) and Rēzekne (43.2kWp)

Social enterprise status

We are registered as social entrepreneurs to address various social challenges with business tools, such as:

  • reducing social exclusion;

  • promoting the employment of risk groups;

  • improving access to education and its quality;

  • environment and nature protection;

  • poverty alleviation.

Our official partners:

Projekta numurs:

European Social Fund project
"Support for social entrepreneurship"

The aim of the project is to determine and test optimal solutions for the creation and development of social enterprises, including the support of work integration social enterprises, in order to increase employment opportunities for disadvantaged unemployed people, persons with disabilities and persons with mental disorders